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Northeastern lakes provide valuable ecosystem services that benefit residents and visitors, and are increasingly important for provisioning of recreational opportunities and amenities. However, population growth threatens lakes by, for instance, increasing nutrient loads. Our interests lie in understanding the linkages between changing nutrient cycles and the delivery of important ecosystem services to residents and visitors to Northeastern lakes and ponds.

Toward this end, we have developed this website to provide access to:

  1. lakes monitoring data;
  2. modeled nutrient fluxes;
  3. state specific data sets;
  4. analytical tools and scripts for exploring associations between nutrients and lake ecosystem services;
  5. tools for mapping lake ecosystem services

It is our intent that this website be responsive to the needs of lake managers and researchers. We hope that these tools will foster a better understanding of links between management decisions affecting nutrient fluxes and selected ecosystem services; support other novel research questions such as examining the link between ecological condition and human health; and provide our many partners with reproducible research that enhances understanding of our work, and encourages using similar approaches and analyses in novel ways.

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