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Available Publications:  Agricultural Burning

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Agricultural Burning Topic

Document Number

Document Name

___52118 "Greenscaping" Your Lawn and Garden (PDF) (8 pp, 958K), 8 pages, April 2003, (EPA 530-K-03-002)
___52109 How Smoke from Fires Can Affect Your Health, 5 pages, May 2003, (EPA 452-F-02-002)
___52092 Reducing Backyard Burning in Indian Country (PDF) (2 pp, 290K), brochure, August 2003, (EPA 530-F-03-017)
___52089 State and Local Governments are Key to Reducing Backyard Burning (PDF) (2 pp, 317K), brochure, August 2003, (EPA 530-F-03-003)
___52090 The Hidden Hazards of Backyard Burning (PDF) (2 pp, 259K), brochure, August 2003, (EPA 530-F-03-012)
___52091 Tribal Leaders are Key to Reducing Backyard Burning (PDF) (2 pp, 284K), brochure, August 2003, (EPA 530-F-03-016)
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