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Available Publications:  Crops

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___51016* A Guide to Heat Stress in Agriculture , 56 pages, May 1993, (EPA 750-B-92-001)
___51101 Agrichemicals: Food Quality Protection Act - Children and Consumers (PDF) (3 pp, 219K), 3 pages, October 2000, (EPA 305-F-00-005)
___51102 Agrichemicals: Food Quality Protection Act - Pesticide Reviews (PDF) (3 pp, 301K), 3 pages, October 2000, (EPA 305-F-00-006)
___51099 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - Information Commercial Handlers Must Provide to Growers (PDF) (3 pp, 312K), 3 pages, August 2001, (EPA 305-F-01-010)
___51104 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - Information Growers Must Provide to Commercial Handlers (PDF) (3 pp, 287K), 3 pages, August 2001 (EPA 305-F-01-009)
___51100 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - Q&A's on Central Posting on Large or Non-contiguous Establishments (PDF) (3 pp, 290K), 3 pages, August 2001, (EPA 305-F-01-013)
___51105 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - Q&A's on Information Displayed at a Central Location (PDF) (3 pp, 292K), 3 pages, August 2001, (EPA 305-F-01-012)
___51103 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - Q&A's on Posting When the Treated Plant or Soil Has Been Sold or Moved (PDF) (3 pp, 292K), 3 pages, August 2001, (EPA 305-F-01-014)
___51107 Agrichemicals: Worker Protection Standard - When the Pesticide Is Not Applied as Scheduled (PDF) (3 pp, 311K), 3 pages, August 2001, (EPA 305-F-01-011)
___52099 Cleaning Up Polluted Runoff with the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (PDF) (4 pp, 721K), 4 pages, March 2003, (EPA 832-F-03-004)
___52093 EPA's Ag Center Available Worker Protection Standard (WPS) and Pesticide-Related Publications (PDF) (5 pp, 95K), 5 pages, April 2005, (EPA 305-F-03-013)
___52086 Innovative Use of Clean Water State Revolving Funds for Nonpoint Source Pollution , 8 pages, July 2002, (EPA 832-F-02-004)
___51062* Monitoring Guidance for Determining the Effectiveness of Nonpoint Source Controls , 282 pages, September 1997, (EPA 841-B-96-004)
___14507 Nonpoint Pointers #6: Managing Nonpoint Source Pollution from Agriculture, 2 pages, March 1996, (EPA 841-F-96-004F)
___50097* Profile of the Agricultural Crop Production Industry, 178 pages, September 2000, (EPA 310-R-00-001)
___52073 Protecting Water Quality from Agricultural Runoff (PDF) (2 pp, 103K), 2 pages, March 2005, (EPA 841-F-05-001)
___51031 Protective Clothing for Pesticide Users, poster, 1987, (EPA 170-OPA-87-1117)
___50094* Techniques for Tracking, Evaluating, and Reporting the Implementation of Nonpoint Source Control Measures - Agriculture, 92 pages, September 1997, (EPA 841-B-97-010)
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