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Available Publications:  Emergency Planning & Response

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Emergency Planning and Response Topic

Note: See also the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Information publications category.

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Title and EPA Reference Number

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Chemicals in Your Community, 51 pages, December 1999, (EPA 550-K-99-001)
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Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons (PDF) (47 pp, 4MB) , 47 pages, September 2005, (EPA 817-R-05-001)
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Enforcement Alert: EPCRA/CERCLA- Hazardous Chemical Releases Above Certain Quantities Must Be Reported to Authorities (PDF) (4 pp, 379K), January 2002 (EPA 300-N-02-001)
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Enforcement Alert: Failure to Report Chemical Risks Can Result in Major Fines- Section 8(e) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (PDF) (4 pp, 567K), August 2008, (EPA 325-F-08-002)
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Enforcement Alert: Owners, Operators of Stationary Sources Must Comply with Clean Air Act's "General Duty" Clause (PDF) (2 pp, 34K), 2 pages, August 1998, (EPA-300-N-98-006)
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EPA's Role in Counter-Terrorism Activities , 2 pages, February 1998, (EPA 550-F-98-014)
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Fact Sheet: The National Response Team's Integrated Contingency Plan Guidance (One Plan) , 2 pages, April 1998, (EPA-550-F-98-015)
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LEPCs and Deliberate Releases: Addressing Terrorist Activities in the Local Emergency Plan (PDF) (6 pp, 249K), 6 pages, August 2001, (EPA 550-F-01-005)
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Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program: Information for Farmers (PDF) (2 pp, 51K), 2 pages, March 2010, (EPA 540-F-09-002)
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SARA Title III Fact Sheet: Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act , 4 pages, January 1993, (EPA 550-F-93-002)
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