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Available Publications:  Food Safety

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Food Safety Topic

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Document Number

Document Name

___52182 A Guide to Healthy Eating of the Fish You Catch (PDF) (2 pp, 347K), 2 pages, April 2002, (EPA 823-F-02-005)
___52067* Come Usted Pescado? (Do You Eat Fish?) Spanish (PDF) (1 pg, 40K), poster, 2002, (EPA 823-H-02-001)
___28006 Debo comer los peces que yo pesco? (Spanish Version of Should I Eat the Fish I Catch?) (PDF) (2 pp, 141K), 2 legal-sized, September 1997, (EPA 823-F-98-017)
___52066* Do You Eat Fish?, poster, 2001, (EPA 823-H-01-001)
___51101 Food Quality Protection Act - Children and Consumers (PDF) (3 pp, 219K), 3 pages, October 2000, (EPA 305-F-00-005)
___51102 Food Quality Protection Act - Pesticide Reviews (PDF) (3 pp, 301K), 3 pages, October 2000, (EPA 305-F-00-006)
___28007 Kuv noj puas tau cov ntses ua tau? (Hmong Version of Should I Eat the Fish I Catch?) (PDF) (2 pp, 128K), 2 legal-sized, September 1997, (EPA 823-F-98-018)
___28008S Los Pesticidas y los Alimentos- Lo que usted y su familia nessesitan saber (Spanish version of Pesticides and Food: What You and Your Family Need to Know) , 2 pages, (EPA 735-F-99-010)
___52208 Methyl Bromide Alternatives - Safe and Affordable Food Without Ozone Depletion, 4 pages, November 1999, (EPA 430-F-99-001)
___28008 Pesticides and Food: What You and Your Family Need to Know, 2 pages, February 1998, (EPA 735-F-98-001)
___53017 Setting Tolerances for Pesticide Residues in Foods (only available online), (scroll down), October 2007
___28005 Should I Eat the Fish I Catch? (PDF) (2 pp, 156K), 2 legal-sized, September 1997, (EPA 823-B-97-009)
___53135 The Value of Countries Working Together to Regulate Pesticides and Food Safety (PDF) (2 pp, 138K), 2 pages, April 2009, (EPA 735-K-09-001)
___28003 What You Should Know About Pfiesteria piscicida , 8 pages, June 1998, (EPA 842-F-98-011)
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