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Available Publications: Health and Safety

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Health and Safety Topic

Note: See also the Chemical Safety Alerts publications category.

Directions for ordering

  1. Click the "Add to Cart" button (if available). The "Add to Cart " button will open up a new window to EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) Web page, displaying the selected document in a "Document Display" window.
  2. On the NSCEP "Document Display" page, select the  Get a Copy  link in the upper right section of the page. This will activate a section on the page called "Document Delivery Options."
  3. Select the "United States Postal Service" button. This will open up a "bookshelf," which also functions as a shopping cart at NSCEP. You may add additional documents to your NSCEP bookshelf by repeating step 1 above for each additional document.
  4. Place a checkmark in the box next to each document to be delivered. The "Select All" button will automatically check all boxes.
  5. Click the "Show Order Form" button.
  6. Complete the Order Form with required fields.
    To order multiple copies, include in the Special Instructions box, the number requested and reason for nu mber (e.g., request 10 copies for distribution to company greenhouse locations).
  7. Click "Submit Order."
Link to order a copy (if available) Title and EPA Reference Number
Add to cart A Citizen's Guide to Radon - The Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family From Radon (PDF), (16 pp, 852K) 16 pages, January 2009, (EPA 402-K-09-001)
Add to cart A Guide to Heat Stress in Agriculture, 56 pages, May 1993, (EPA 750-b-92-001)
Add to cart Brownfields and Urban Agriculture: Interim Guidelines for Safe Gardening Practices, 24 pages, 2011, (EPA 560-S-11-001)
Add to cart Come Usted Pescado? (Do You Eat Fish?) Spanish, poster, 2002, (EPA 823-H-02-001)
Add to cart Controlling Heat Stress in Agriculture, two-sided card, September 1995, (EPA 750-F-95-001)
Add to cart Do You Eat Fish?, poster, 2001, (EPA 823-H-01-001)
Add to cart Drinking Water Standards and Health Effects, 2 pages, June 2004, (EPA 816-F-04-037)
Add to cart El Agua Potable y la Salud: lo que usted debe saber (Water and Health: What You Need to Know) Spanish, 9 pages, May 2000, (EPA 816-K-00-001)
Add to cart Fact Sheet On Drinking Water, fact sheet, 1 page, 2005, (EPA 173-F-05-002)
Add to cart Home Safe Home, 1 page, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-006B)
Add to cart Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides 2013 Update, 2 pages, 2013, (EPA 820-F-13-019)
  Manejo Seguro De Repelentes De Insectos (Using Insect Repellents Safely) Spanish, 2 pages, February 1997, (EPA 735-F-96-002)
Add to cart Promoting Safety for America's Future: Office of Pesticide Programs FY 2002 Annual Report (PDF) (49 pp, 4MB), 49 pages, May 2003, (EPA 735-R-03-001)
Add to cart Protect Children from Poisonings - Lock it Up! (PDF), Poster, 2003, (EPA 735-H-03-002)
  Read the Label First: Learn to Use Pesticides Safely, poster, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-004)
Add to cart Que Debo Hacer...Si He Estado Expuesto a los Pesticidas? (What Should I Do if I've Been Exposed to Pesticides?) Spanish, brochure, 2000, (EPA 910-F-00-008)
  Read the Label First: Learn to Use Pesticides Safely, poster, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-004)
  Read the Label First: Pesticides Are Meant To Poison These...Not These, poster, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-001)
Add to cart Read the Label First! Protect Your Household, 2 pages, 2000, (EPA 740-F-00-004)
Add to cart Seguridad En La Casa (Spanish version of Home Safe Home), 1 page, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-006BS)
Add to cart The National Pesticide Tribal Program: Achieving Public Health and Environmental Protection in Indian Country and Alaska Native Villages (PDF) (19 pp, 2.3MB), 19 pages, October 2009, (EPA-735-F-09-007)
Add to cart Use These Products Safely - Read the Label First, poster, 2000, (EPA 735-H-00-001)
Add to cart Water From Household Wells, 19 pages, January 2002, (EPA 816-K-02-003)
Add to cart Wetlands and West Nile Virus (PDF) (2 pp, 328K), 2 pages, August 2004, (EPA 843-F-04-010)
Add to cart Why Read Labels? (PDF) (2 pp, 585K), 2 pages, August 2002, (EPA 735-F-02-015)

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