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Available Publications:  Nutrient Management and Fertilizer

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Nutrient Management and Fertilizer Topic

Manure/Nutrient Management Topic (for agricultural animals)

Nutrient Management Topic (from Nurseries and Greenhouses Topic)

Document Number

Document Name

___14008 Constructed Wetlands and Wastewater Management for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 24 pages, (EPA 855-K-97-001)
___24012 Environmental Fact Sheet: Waste-Derived Fertilizers (PDF) (3 pp, 12K), 3 pages, December 1997, (EPA-530-F097-053)
___27001 Fact Sheet: National Strategy for the Development of Regional Nutrient Criteria, 3 pages, June 1998, (EPA 822-F-98-002)
___50070* Guide to Field Storage of Biosolids and Other Organic By-Products Used in Agriculture and for Soil Resource Management, 134 pages, July 2000, (EPA-832-00-007)
___52112 Managing Manure with Biogas Recovery Systems: Improved Performance at Competitive Costs, 8 pages, Winter 2002, (EPA 430-F-02-004)
___27002* National Strategy for the Development of Regional Nutrient Criteria, 53 pages, June 1998, (EPA 822-R-98-002)
___50099* Profile of the Agricultural Chemical, Pesticide, and Fertilizer Industry, 200 pages, September 2000, (EPA 310-R-00-003)
___50097* Profile of the Agricultural Crop Production Industry, 178 pages, September 2000, (EPA 310-R-00-001)
___50098* Profile of the Agricultural Livestock Production Industry, 159 pages, September 2000, (EPA 310-R-00-002)
___52072* Protocol for Developing Nutrient TMDLs; First Edition, 136 pages, November 1999, (EPA 841-B-99-007)
___53127 Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin- Managing Livestock, Poultry, and Horse Waste to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water (PDF) (6 pp, 360K), 6 pages, July 2001, only available online (EPA 916-F-01-026)
___53126 Ten Tips To Prepare for EPA Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Inspections, Factsheet, June 2010, only available online (No EPA number)
___52213* The Micronutrient Fertilizer Industry: From Industrial Byproduct to Beneficial Use, 48 pages, September 2001, (EPA 305-B-01-006)
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