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Manure Collection Systems

In general, biogas recovery systems are technically feasible where manure is handled in a liquid, slurry, or semi-solid state:

Manure Management Systems that are Compatible With Biogas Recovery
Dairy Flushed or scraped freestall barns and drylots.
Swine Houses with flush, pit recharge, or pull-plug pit systems.
Poultry Houses with flush systems.

Photo of a chain drag scrape alley.

Chain drag scrape alley. Photo: AgSTAR

Photo of a flush dairy drylot receiving pit.

Receiving pit for flush dairy dry lot. Photo: AgSTAR

Photo of cows on sand bedding.

Sand bedding. Photo: McLanahan Corporation

Operations with many different methods of animal management can employ anaerobic digestion, although pretreatment or modifications may be needed. For instance, a dairy with sand bedding would either need to switch to another type of bedding or employ a mechanism to remove the sand from the manure before it enters the digester. Another example would be a swine operation with deep pits, which are common in cool climates. Deep pit systems would need to be modified to remove manure more frequently before a biogas recovery system could be installed.

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