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AgSTAR is committed to helping livestock facilities across the U.S. realize the benefits that anaerobic digestion offers and overcome the barriers limiting the adoption of biogas recovery technologies. The following pages contain key information required to make an informed business decision regarding the installation of a biogas recovery system.

Thumbnail image of the national mapping tool

National mapping tool

National Mapping Tool

The purpose of the mapping tool is to advance the use of anaerobic digestion technologies in the agriculture sector in the United States. The map provides a means to show the current state of the AD industry, areas in which opportunities are available to develop new AD systems, and categorical and aggregate data to analyze state and regional differences and trends. A hybrid collection of data layers show AD projects, composters, waste management facilities, growth potential for AD in the agriculture sector, investments made into renewable energy projects, and various types of state incentives and programs that affect the AD industry.

Photograph of the construction of a anaerobic digestion project

Photo: Quasar energy group

Project Development

To determine whether a facility is a candidate for a biogas recovery system and the appropriate technology for that site, visit the Project Development page. It also contains information on the evaluation of a system's performance.

Photo: quasar energy group

Photo: quasar energy group


Many states have air, solid waste, and water permitting requirements for AD systems. These requirements vary by state and change frequently so developers and owners should contact the appropriate State Environmental Agency before construction or operation of an anaerobic digester (AD) system. As the number of operational systems increases, AgSTAR anticipates requirements will continue to be refined. An overview of federal regulations and air, solid waste, and water permitting requirements for selected states are presented on the Permitting page.

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The Financing page provides information about programs and strategies, such as low-interest loans, grants, and tax incentives that can help parties interested in implementing anaerobic digestion technology overcome financial barriers to project development.

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Vendor Directory

AgSTAR maintains an Vendor Directory to help farm owners and others interested in on-farm biogas recovery systems identify appropriate consultants, project developers, energy services, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and commodity organizations. It provides company descriptions and contact information for each listed business.

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Market Opportunities

AgSTAR's assessment of the market potential for biogas energy projects at swine and dairy farms in the United States can be found on the Market Opportunities page. For the top ten swine and dairy states, the guide characterizes the sizes and types of operations where biogas projects are technically feasible, along with estimates of potential methane production, electricity generation, and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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