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Title VI - Stratospheric Ozone Protection

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Section Title
Clean Air Act U.S. Code
601 7671 Definitions
602 7671a Listing of class I and class II substances
603 7671b Monitoring and reporting requirements
604 7671c Phase-out of production and consumption of class I substances
605 7671d Phase-out of production and consumption of class II substances
606 7671e Accelerated schedule
607 7671f Exchange authority
608 7671g National recycling and emission reduction program
609 7671h Servicing of motor vehicle air conditioners
610 7671i Nonessential products containing chlorofluorocarbons
611 7671j Labeling
612 7671k Safe alternatives policy
613 7671l Federal procurement
614 7671m Relationship to other laws
615 7671n Authority of Administrator
616 7671o Transfers among Parties to Montreal Protocol
617 7671p International cooperation
618 7671q Miscellaneous provisions

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