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Clean Air Act Advisory Committee

Energy, Clean Air and Climate Change Subcommittee

This subcommittee is currently inactive.

In July 1997, EPA established a new subcommittee under the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee to focus on the interaction of energy, clean air, and climate change issues. The Subcommittee on Energy, Clean Air and Climate Change is dealing with an important emerging issue that directly overlaps with OAR's regulatory charges: eighty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from energy sources which are directly regulated under the CAA. The subcommittee provides a forum for education on climate issues and dissemination of timely information on the latest policy developments to state and local governments, the business community, and other stakeholders. In addition, the subcommittee examines strategies and provides advice on scientific, economic, and policy issues that encompass the interaction of clean air, energy and climate change issues.

Membership on the subcommittee includes experts in industrial economics, state representatives from energy and air quality agencies, representatives from other state and local interest groups, environmental groups, public utilities, industry representatives, academicians, union representation, and other appropriate groups. The subcommittee is co-chaired by Anthony Earl, former Governor of Wisconsin and by Kathleen Hogan, Acting Director of the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division.

Contact Information

Mr. Anthony S. Earl
Quarles and Brady
Center for Clean Air Policy
One S. Pickney Street, Suite 600
Madison, WI   53701-2113

Ms. Kathleen Hogan
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460 

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