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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Clean Air Technology Award

2014 Recipient

Montgomery County Resource Recovery Facility
Montgomery County DEP, et al.

Low NOx system

In 2009, funded by Montgomery County and approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment, the MCRRF voluntarily implemented an upgrade to the Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) for Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission control called "Low NOx" or LN™. The system involves the redirection of a portion of the secondary or overfire air to a higher elevation in the furnace.

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The Clean Air Technology Award applies to technological developments (including products or processes) that reduce air pollution from stationary, mobile, or area sources. In addition to the general criteria, the following criteria will be used in assessing each entry:

Clean Air Technology Award Criteria

  • The technology is commercially viable and can be widely applied.
  • The technology is cost-effective relative to other air pollution control technologies that already exist.
  • The technology is developed at the prototype stage or beyond.

Entry Information | Past Recipients in Clean Air Technology

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