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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Clean Air Excellence Awards

The Clean Air Excellence Awards Program, established at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, periodically recognizes and honors outstanding innovative efforts to help make progress in achieving cleaner air.

Award-winning entries must directly or indirectly reduce pollutant emissions, demonstrate innovation, offer sustainable outcomes, and provide a model for others to follow.

General Criteria

Entries will be judged based on both general criteria and criteria specific to each individual category. The following general criteria will be used in assessing each entry:

  • The entry directly or indirectly (i.e., by encouraging actions) reduces emissions of criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants, and/or greenhouse gases.
  • The entry is innovative and unique.
  • The entry provides a model for others to follow (i.e., it is replicable).
  • The entry's positive outcomes are continuing/sustainable.

Although not required to win an award, the following general criteria will also be considered in the judging process:

  • The entry has positive effects on environmental media other than air.
  • The entry demonstrates effective collaboration and partnerships.
  • The individual or organization submitting the entry has effectively measured/evaluated the outcomes of the project, program, or technology.

Award recipients will be recognized by the U.S. EPA at a special awards ceremony held in Washington, DC, in 2014 (date to be determined). Awards are honorary and do not include monetary recognition.

Award Categories

There are five categories in which a program, project, or technology may be entered:

In addition to the five award categories described above, the Clean Air Excellence Awards Program will annually recognize two special award categories:

Note that candidates for the Thomas W. Zosel Outstanding Individual Achievement Award must be nominated by a third party.

Selection Process

EPA staff will conduct an initial screening of all applications received, and will consult with outside experts to the extent necessary. A special CAAAC workgroup will provide advice to EPA on the award entries. The EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation will make the final award determinations.

If you have any questions about the Clean Air Excellence Awards Program, please contact Catrice Jefferson of EPA's Office of Air and Radiation at (202) 564-1668, or jefferson.catrice@epa.gov.

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