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  • RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse (RBLC) database contains information distilled from early notification submittals and air permits received from State and local air pollution control programs in the United States. The RBLC Web site also contains summary information on air pollution emission standards. The data assists State/local agency personnel and private companies in determining what types of controls and pollution prevention measures have been applied to and/or are required for various sources and the effectiveness of these technologies
  • New Source Review Policy and Guidance Database is a searchable database which contains EPA-issued policy and guidance documents
  • Support Center for Regulatory Air Models (SCRAM) has information on atmospheric dispersion (air quality) models used in NSR permitting
  • National Park Service PSD page.Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer This site contains information about Class I areas and air quality related values

  • Forest Service site on the Federal Land Managers' AQRV Work Group (FLAG ).Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer FLAG is an interagency workgroup whose objective is to achieve greater consistency in the procedures Federal Land Managers use in identifiying air quality related values (AQRVs) and for evaluating the effects of air pollution on AQRVs in Federal Class I air quality areas and some Class II areas
  • EPA's Region 4 NSR Permits Page has national spreadsheets on combustion turbines and coal-fired utilities
  • Operating Permits Program discusses the kind of operating permit (called a title V operating permit) that most large sources and some smaller sources of air pollution are required to obtain

  • Environmental Appeals Board is the final Agency decisionmaker on administrative appeals under all major environmental statutes that the Agency administers.
  • Section 112(g) of the Clean Air Act requires some sources of air toxics to get a permit before starting construction
  • EPA's Environmental Justice Web site provides information about EPA's efforts to involve people of all race, color, national origin, and income in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental regulations like NSR
  • Compliance and enforcement information
  • EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) database allows you to find pollution sources near you and their compliance history.
  • Enforcement Guidance contains links to Clean Air Act guidance documents pertaining to NSR and PSD

  • The Air Quality Index (AQI) - Air Now tells you how clean the air is and whether it will affect your health. EPA, state, and local agencies work together to report current and forecast conditions for ozone and particle pollution.
  • AirData gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States including the location on nonattainment areas
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • Clean Air Act

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