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Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Research


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EPA scientists are developing methods and tools to understand how air quality affects water qualitym ecosystems, and human health.

EPA's atmospheric scientsts are studying ways that air pollution deposits into ecosystems - research that is revealing linkages between atmospheric deposition and ecosystem exosure to airborne chemicals. EPA research on air-water linkage is focused on bringing together atmospheric process-based models with water quality models to create a consistent multi-media modeling connection.

Research Projects

Air Quality and Climate Change Interactions
EPA scientsts are developing techniques for dynamically downscaling future global climate scenarios to create regional and local climate scenarios. These techniques will help EPA assess effects of future climate change on air quality, water quality and availability, heat stress, health, ecosystem exposures, and changes in extreme events.

Modeling Air Quality Impacts on Terrestrial and Water Quality
Clean water and air come from healthy, sustainable ecosystems. To restore and protect ecosystems, EPA scientists are bringing together air quality models, meteorolgy models, and hydrology models to determine the effects air quality can have on ecosystem health. Workng together, these models can help scientists and policy makers beter understand factors that contribute to air pollution-driven impacts on ecosystems.

Coupling Meteorology and Hydrology
Meteorology and hydrology are linked, but that connection is imperfectly incorporated in models today. A more integrated approach is needed for ecosystem studies.

Atmosphere-Ecosystem Linkage Studies
To create multimedia modeling capabilities to answer management questions, atmospheric and ecosystem models must be able to connect and work together. EPA scientists are working to achieve a consistent multi-media model connection between atmospheric process-based models and water quality calibrated models that have process-based components, but rely on calibration.

Watershed Deposition Tool
The Watershed Deposition Tool is a software application for remapping CMAQ gridded data to watershed delineations and for converting CMAQ output files from Models-3/IOAPI format to shapefiles for use with GIS systems.

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