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Atmospheric Modeling & Analysis Research

Staff Profiles

Name Title   Name TItle
Wyat Appel   Dr. Bill Hutzell  
Dr. Jesse Bash   Dr. Vlad Isakov  
Dr. William Benjey   Deborah Luecken  
Russell Bullock   Dr. Sergey Napelenok  
Dr. Ellen Cooter   Dr. Chris Nolte  
Dr. Robin Dennis   Tanya Otte  
Dr. Brian Eder   Dr. Steven Perry  
Dr. Kathleen Fahey   Dr. Rob PInder  
Dr. Kristen Foley   Dr. George Pouliot  
Robert Gilliam   Dr. Havala Pye  
James Godowitch   Dr. Golam Sarwar  
Dr. David Heist   Donna Schwede  
Dr. Jerold Herwehe   John Streicher  
Dr. Christian Hogrefe   Alfreida Torian  
    Dr. David Wong  
    Dr. Jeffrey Young  


Scientific Leadership & Administration
Name Title   Name TItle
Dr. Kiran Alapaty Branch Chief Renee Perry Administrative Officer
Dr. Bill Benjey QA Manager Thomas Pierce Deputy Director
Dr. Prakash Bhave Sr. Science Advisor Dr. Jonathan Pleim Branch Chief
Sherry Brown IT Specialist Shawn Roselle Branch Chief
Dr. Val Garcia Branch Chief Gary Walter IT Manager
Dr. Rohit Mathur Director    


Post Doctoral Fellowships
Name Title   Name Title
Shannon Capos, Orise   Martin Otte, EPA  
Meei Gan   Michelle Snyder, EPA Physical Scientist
Shamia Hoque, ORISE   Chunling Tang, EPA  
Roger Kwok, NRC   Yao Wang, ORISE  
Megan Mallard, ORISE   Chao Wei, NRC  
Mary McCabe, ORISE   Jia Xing, NRC  


Technical Support Staff
Name     Name  
Brandon Hayes   Ashok Patel  
Shirley Long   John Rose  
Deborah Lord   Tom Roche  
Alexandra Karambelas   Yue Zheng  


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