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Ecosystems Research

Eric J. Weber

After serving as Acting Division Director for ERD since June 2005, I recently returned to full-time research.  My focus has been the transformation pathways of organic pollutants in natural systems, primarily emphasizing reaction mechanisms, kinetics and reaction product identification.  I am currently focused on elucidating reaction pathways for the reductive transformation of organic pollutants in anoxic systems, and understanding how organic pollutants with reactive functional groups (e.g., aromatic amines) covalently bind with aqueous and sediment-associated natural organic matter. 

Biographical Information

Name: Eric J. Weber
Title: Research Chemist

Contact Info:

Ecosystems Research Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Office of Research and Development
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
960 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia 30605-2700

Phone: 706-355-8224
Email: weber.eric@epa.gov


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Illinois, 1985
B.S. Chemistry, Bowling Green State University, 1980

Professional Experience

Acting Director,USEPA, ORD, NERL-ERD, Athens, GA 2005-2009
Acting Office Director, USEPA, ORD, OSP, Washington D.C. 2007 (120-day detail)
Research Chemist, Center for Computational Toxicology, USEPA 2005
Research Chemist, USEPA, ORD, NERL-ERD, Athens, GA 1986-2005
National Research Council Research Associate, USEPA, ORD, NERL-ERD, Athens, GA 1985-1986

Professional Affiliations

Member: American Chemical Society
Reviewer:  Environmental Science & Technology, Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, Water Research

Selected Awards and Honors

Robert C. Ryans Statesmanship Award, 2003
Athens Federal Executives Association Public Service Recognition Award for Federal Employee of the Year, 2001
USEPA Gold Medal, 2000
USEPA Team Excellence Award for Outstanding Service to EPA’s Hazardous Waste Identification Project, 1999
USEPA/ACS Science Achievement Award, 1997
Arthur S. Flemming Award for Outstanding Research on the Transport and Transformation of Organic Pollutants in Aquatic Ecosystems, 1995
EPA STAA Award, Level III - 1987, 1996, 1997, 2001
USEPA STAA Award, Level II - 1996, 1999, 2000(2)
USEPA STAA Award, Level I - 1996
USEPA Bronze Medal, 1994
Chemist of the Year for Service, Northeast Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society, 1992.

Publications and Presentations

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