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Media Inquiries:
For inquiries from the media, contact EPA's press office at (202) 564-4355 or press@epa.gov.

For a complete list of EPA's Media contacts, see www.epa.gov/newsroom/contact-us.htm

To help raise awareness about the best ways to burn wood, EPA developed the following public service announcements (PSAs). These PSAs are free to use for air quality agencies, chimney sweeps, hearth retailers and others who want to promote the Burn Wise message.

Wood Smoke and Asthma Videos:

During the wintertime, residential wood smoke is a main contributor to fine particle pollution (PM) and is responsible for poor air quality days in many areas across the United States. The following videos highlight the health effects related to PM exposure from residential wood smoke. For inquiries about broadcast-ready copies, please contact Leigh Herrington at herrington.leigh@epa.gov

Wood Smoke and Asthma: Breathe Easier


Wood Smoke and Asthma: Reduce Smoke


Wood Smoke and Asthma: Dry Firewood

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Wood Burning "Best Practices" Videos:

A cleaner more efficient fire starts before the first match is lit. The following videos offer simple steps and tips to properly dry firewood, including how to use a moisture meter to test if firewood is ready to burn. For inquiries about broadcast-ready copies, please contact Leigh Herrington at herrington.leigh@epa.gov

Split, Stack, Cover, Store: Four Simple Steps to Drying Firewood


Wet Wood is a Waste

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Video Contest Winners:

In 2010, EPA conducted a video contest asking filmakers from across the country to submit their best short videos to explain the benefits of burning only dry, seasoned wood. The following are the first, second and third-place winners from the contest. Please credit EPA's Burn Wise Program and acknowledge the filmmaker when posting each video. If you have questions, please email herrington.leigh@epa.gov

"The Pledge" by Francis Sullivan

(WMV, 00:30, 2MB) | (WMV, 00:30, 10MB) | (MOV, 00:30, 15MB) | (MOV, 00:30, 40MB)

"Meet Carl - Learn or Burn" by Zach King

(MOV, 00:30, 140MB)

"Learn Before You Burn: Super Sketch Edition!" by Chris Wetzel

(WMV, 00:30, 2MB)

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Live-Read Public Service Announcements

The following Burn Wise PSAs are available as text and can be read on air over the radio. There are three formats that vary by length.

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