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Motion Chart for Seasonal Aggregations

Explanation of Chart    


Explanation of Chart

  • Each bubble represents a CASTNET site.
  • Change the vertical axis, horizontal axis, color or size of bubbles using the drop down menus in the axes or legend to the right of the chart.
  • View the data associated with a bubble by mousing over it; values are displayed on the axes and legend frames.
  • The size of the bubble is proportionate to the value of the Size variable and the size and value of the outline in the Size legend.
  • Set bubbles in motion over time by pressing Play.
  • Track a site's changes over time by clicking on its bubble or checking its box within the Select frame and press Play.
  • Change the opacity of non-selected bubbles, or eliminate them entirely, using the Opacity scale in the wrench at the bottom right of the chart.
  • View a time series by selecting Time on the horizontal axis and press Play.
  • Change the chart type by clicking on the bar graph or linear chart in the upper right corner of the plot.
  • Change the axes by selecting linear or logarithmic from the drop down menus. Scales adjust automatically to the range of data.
  • View data used to create this chart.


Explanation of Variables

Conc HNO3 (ug/m3)
Conc NH4 (ug/m3)
Conc NO3 (ug/m3)
Conc SO2 (ug/m3)
Conc SO4 (ug/m3)
Conc Total NO3 (ug/m3)

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