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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Benefits of Joining

Already a Partner?

CHP Partners agree to provide basic project data on operational and planned CHP projects once a year using a Microsoft Excel CHP Project Data Reporting Form (XLS, 41 KB, About XLS Exit EPA). The EPA CHP team uses the project data to determine proposed and new CHP activities, assess their environmental benefits, and determine where to focus efforts to facilitate project development. The CHP Partners have access to a portfolio of tools and services designed to facilitate and promote Partners' development of CHP projects.

In addition to the complete list of offerings directly below, check out our most popular tools and services and specific Partner recognition benefits.

The Partnership's many tools and services are provided free of charge and are categorized into three main types:

Outreach and Education

Direct Project Assistance

  • Offering a CHP project qualifier for determining whether CHP is worth considering at a particular facility.
  • Providing technical assistance for candidate sites, including spark spread analyses, concise or comprehensive Level 1 feasibility studies, and third-party review of feasibility/design studies.
  • Providing a current listing of state and federal policies and incentives for CHP, information on state regulatory treatment and utility rates favorable to clean distributed generation projects, and state and federal biomass/biogas incentives.
  • Offering the CHP Emissions Calculator, which calculates the difference between the anticipated carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from a CHP system to those of a separate heat and power system.

Public Recognition

  • Offering numerous public recognition opportunities for our partners.
  • Administering ENERGY STAR® CHP Awards.
  • Publicizing award winners on the CHP Web site and through press releases.
  • Listing current CHP Partners on the Partnership Web site and providing a profile with information about their organization, as well as links to their CHP-related Web page (if applicable), and videos that highlight company services, products, and CHP successes. (This is a great free marketing tool for our Partners!)
  • Offering a variety of Partner recognition opportunities that allow our Partners to publicize their participation in the CHP Partnership and the benefits of their work with CHP.

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Most Popular Tools and Services

CHP Policies and Incentives

As a service to our Partners, the CHP Partnership maintains dCHPP (CHP Policies and incentives database) that contains CHP policies and financial incentives. dCHPP is an online database that allows users to search for policies and incentives by state or at the federal level.

CHP Emissions Calculator

The CHP Emissions Calculator is a tool that calculates the difference between the anticipated carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from a CHP system to those of a separate heat and power system. The CHP Emissions Calculator allows a user to select from a large number of different system profiles, compare them to a CHP system characterized by the user, and estimate the CO2, SO2, NOx, and CO2e emission reductions. The calculator also presents estimated emissions reductions as metric tons of carbon equivalent and emissions from passenger vehicles.


EPA recognizes CHP projects that achieve energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions with the ENERGY STAR CHP Award. Qualifying projects use at least 10 percent less fuel than state-of-the-art separate power and heat generation. Project owners or operators of Partner-affiliated CHP projects can apply for the award using the electronic form provided on the CHP Partnership Web site.

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Partner Recognition

EPA's CHP Partner Certificate

When new Partners join the CHP Partnership, they receive a welcome kit with program information, as well as a certificate that acknowledges their commitment to CHP through the CHP Partnership. Partners can display the certificate at a key location to demonstrate EPA's recognition of the value of their Partnership.

CHP Partner Certificate

CHP Partnership Logo

Partners can include EPA's CHP Partnership logo in sales, marketing, and advertising materials. The CHP Partnership logo can help highlight the environmental aspects of your business. The logo is available in a variety of electronic formats but must be used in accordance with EPA's logo use guidelines.

CHP logo

CHP Partners' Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Partners commit to reporting any CHP-related projects on an annual basis. Any CHP projects completed in the previous calendar year will be included in an Annual Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction sent out to all partners annually. The Annual Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction is a frameable, color certificate that shows the carbon reductions associated with all of the Partners' projects, as well as the equivalent benefits in terms of car emissions avoided. Partners can use this certificate for public relations purposes, to promote the environmental benefits of their work to external stakeholders, or to publicize the benefits of their work in their annual reports or corporate environmental sustainability reports. Report your data here!

CHP Partners's Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Redeuction

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