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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

EarthRenew, Inc.

Contact NameClaude Luster
Email xcl3@comcast.net
Address 7575 N. Del Mar Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711
Phone (559) 261-0379
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.earthrenew.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Earth Renew, Inc. produces and markets high value organic and conventional fertilizer products, soil amendments, and land remediation products using problematic waste products such as animal and poultry waste, biosolids, and green waste. EarthRenew's patented and proprietary treatment processes stabilize and sterilize these materials by destroying pathogens and other environmentally harmful microorganisms. EarthRenew's patented processes utilize Combined Heat and Power principles in that a nominal 4 Megawatt per hour gas fired turbine is used to generate power which is used partially by the company and the rest is put onto the power grid. The exhaust of the turbine is concurrently channeled directly into a cooking/dehydrating vessel at high temperatures in order to cook and dehydrate the manure or other waste product. EarthRenew builds, owns, and operates these units which are usually located at the site of the waste product.

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