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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Energy Solutions Center

Contact NameDavid Weiss
Title Executive Director
Email dweiss@escenter.org
Address 400 N. Capitol St. 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Phone (202) 824-7153
Fax (202) 824-7096
Partner Services Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Web Site http://www.energysolutionscenter.org Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.poweronsite.org Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Energy Solutions Center (the Center) is a 501(c) technology commercialization and market development organization representing energy utilities, municipal energy authorities, and equipment manufacturers and vendors. The Center's mission is to accelerate the acceptance and deployment of new, clean, energy-efficient gas-fueled and hybrid technologies that enhance the operations and productivity of commercial and industrial energy users and improve comfort and reliability for residential energy users.

The Center and its members implement market development initiatives designed to move products from R&D success to broad market acceptance. Center members work to introduce energy users to new furnaces and process heaters; advanced cooling and refrigeration systems; high-efficiency, low-emissions burners for boilers; and commercial and residential appliances. The Center funds and facilitates on-site technology demonstrations at end-user facilities. Additionally, the Center creates technical materials, case studies, training manuals, decision analysis software, and other products designed to facilitate the promotion and application of these new technologies.

The Center's success is based on the development of market-driven technology consortia consisting of energy companies, equipment manufacturers/vendors, trade allies, and energy users. The Center's Distributed Generation Consortium provides market development support for distributed generation technologies. In a joint program with DOE's Distributed Energy Group, the Center is promoting the deployment of highly replicable CHP systems at industrial and institutional sites. The Center's Food Processing Consortium is developing projects between energy utilities and food processing plants where CHP applications have the best chance of success. A new Wastewater Treatment Consortium will also have CHP applications as one of its primary objectives.

Energy utilities employ technical and marketing specialists responsible for building relationships with thousands of commercial and industrial customers. These specialists serve on the Center's technical and marketing committees. The Center is therefore uniquely positioned to promote the deployment of new technologies to thousands of end-users to utilize environmentally responsible processes while increasing efficiency, productivity, reliability and comfort.

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