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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Everest Energy

Contact NamePjotr Schade
Title Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Email pschade@everestenergy.nl
Address Homeruslaan 54
3707 GV
Phone +31-30-7852409
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.everestenergy.nl Exit EPA Disclaimer
Everest Energy is a global energy project developer, focused on operational execution. The company incorporates all elements of the development cycle in a turnkey-one-stop shopping product. The development combines industry, project financing and technical building blocks. The target fuels are power from biomass, (bio)waste, and (bio)gas.The output range is between 10 MWe and15 MWe. Everest Energy has a global reach with France, UK, USA, and Canada as target markets for CHP technology.

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