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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Gogebic-Iron Wastewater Authority

Contact NameMark Bowman
Title Manager
Email bowman.m@giwa.org
Address 700 W. Cloverland Drive
Ironwood, MI 49938
Phone (906) 932-5322
Fax (906) 932-5398
Partner Services End-user
The Gogebic-Iron Wastewater Authority is seeking technical assistance to evaluate the feasibility of using a combination of biomass residues left over from the harvest of locally produced timber, as well as the biogas from their anaerobic digesters to fuel a combined heat and power (district energy) facility. As envisioned, the CHP system would provide the Authority with a clean source of renewable power to run their treatment facility, heat 29,000 square feet of space, operate anaerobic digesters, and heat treat biosolids. The benefits of heat treatment are that as a dry product the volume is reduced by two-thirds, which greatly improves material handling ability, increases storage capacity, and, most importantly, opens up new opportunities for end use. The feasibility of this project is dependent on the availability a sustainable supply of quality inexpensive woody biomass.

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