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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Horizon Power Systems, Inc.

Contact NameDiane Wood
Title Corporate Account Manager
Email dwood@horizonpowersystems.com
Address 3440 Morningstar Drive
Farmington, NM 87401
Phone (945) 804-4258
Fax (505) 327-0270
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.horizonpowersystems.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.horizonpowersystems.com/chp.cfm Exit EPA Disclaimer
Horizon Power Systems is Capstone Microturbine's exclusive distributor for CHP and CHPP applications in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Horizon Power supplies Capstone Microturbines, application engineering, and technical service while helping clients lower their power bills and reduce their carbon footprint with CHP/CCHP solutions that integrate Capstone turbine technology. Capstone Microturbines reliably produce 30 kW to 5 MW of extremely low-emission power with just one moving part and patented air bearing technology that does not require any lubricants or coolants. Capstone Turbines are ideal for hospitals, universities, data centers, hotels, manufacturing plants, and wastewater treatments plants.

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