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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Howard University

Contact NameLorenzo Gregory
Title Director PFM Operations & Maintenance
Email lgregory@howard.edu
Address 2244 10th Street NW
Washington, DC 20059
Phone (202) 806-1082
Partner Services End-user
Web Site http://www.howard.edu Exit EPA Disclaimer
Howard University is located in the northwest area of Washington, D.C. The university physical plant comprises over 100 buildings with approximately 7 million gsf. The campus is heated with a district heating system, which is served by a high-pressure steam plant with an operating pressure of 200 psig. Steam is distributed to campus facilities via a network of steam-tunnel and direct-buried piping. The plant consists of three high-pressure boilers, each having a 120,000 pph steam generation capacity. The total steam generated in 2002 totaled approximately 526 million pounds. The electrical load on the campus is approximately 17 MW. Howard University receives power at a high voltage (13.2 kV). Electrical consumption in 2002 was approximately 92 million kWh. The distribution system consists of six high-voltage feeders coming in from the utility and being distributed to campus over a university-owned feeder, transformer, and switching apparatus. Every building is fed with redundant high-voltage feeders. Howard Hospital receives steam from the main steam plant, and the Hospital?s entire air conditioning load (approximately 5000 tons) is absorption type. This provides the steam plant with a consistent and repeatable summer/winter load. At this time, Howard University has a keen interest in exploring a cogeneration facility. The size and type of facility will depend upon the economics.

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