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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Maine Micro Furnace, Inc.

Contact NameNorman Reef
Title President
Email nsreef@cs.com
Address P. O. Box 11464
Portland, ME 04104
Phone (207) 329-9207
Partner Services Equipment Manufacturer
Web Site http://www.mainemicrofurnace.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
Video(s) A view for micro CHP Exit EPA Disclaimer
Maine Micro Furnace has developed and patented a micro furnace to generate CHP without emitting CARBON DIOXIDE nor AIR DERIVED NITROGEN OXIDE into the atmosphere. When the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow, Maine Micro Furnace will still glow. The furnace operates on coal, oil, gas or any organic material as it's fuel. It can be used in urban areas to stop the flow of industrial waste going to landfills or rural areas using agricultural waste. It operates without connecting to the grid saving downtime from blackouts or brownouts. It can be turned on when needed and off when not without warm up time.

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