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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

National Energy Solutions, LLC

Contact NameEdric Guise
Title Partner
Email eguise@nesllc.co
Address 10601 Calle Lee Suite 190
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Phone (562) 434-1446
Fax (888) 259-9396
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://nationalenergysolutionsllc.com/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
National Energy Solutions (NES) provides energy consulting to commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential building and property owners. NES has experience in a broad array of mature technologies from energy efficiency (e.g., lighting and HVAC upgrades) to onsite power generation (e.g., CHP and solar). With no preferred relationship to any singular technology manufacturer, NES targets only optimum project/technology alternatives.

For CHP, NES's experience covers a range of building types and technologies: internal combustion engines, large turbines, microturbines, and fuels cells. The company specializes in creating and managing multi-disciplinary teams necessary for CHP project development, while maximizing efficiency and related financial an environmental benefits. Services include: project development, energy audits, incentive management, competitive bidding, and construction management services.

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