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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Primary Energy

Contact NameMatthew Speer
Email mspeer@primaryenergy.com
Address 2215 South York Rd., Suite 202
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone (630) 450-4219
Partner Services ESCO
Web Site http://www.primaryenergy.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
CHP-Related Web Page http://www.primaryenergyrecycling.com/energy-recycling/combined-heat-and-power/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
Primary Energy Ventures LLC (Primary Energy) builds, owns, and operates innovative Recycling Energy facilities in the United States serving its customers' needs for reliable, low-cost, and environmentally sustainable electric and thermal energy. The company's core competency is capturing and using waste energy and fuels with proven technologies and otherwise utilizing traditional fuel more efficiently, thus lowering costs.
Primary Energy's Recycling Energy projects generate thermal and electric energy on site with less reliance on the external power grid, minimizing costs and exposure to system vulnerabilities. Partnering with Primary Energy allows a customer's team to focus on its own core business.

Recycling Energy is the efficient conversion of traditional fuels, waste fuels, and waste heat into useful heat and power. Recycling Energy includes:
  • Recovering the heat or fuel value of exhaust streams normally vented or flared.
  • CHP projects that efficiently use traditional and nontraditional fuels.
  • And the use of solid and liquid byproduct fuels that extract electricity from pressure drop across thermal and gas distribution systems.

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