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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc.

Contact NameCharles G. Steiner
Title President and CEO
Email chucksteiner@watersmart.com
Address P.O. Box 26346
Shawnee Mission, KS 66225-6346
Phone (913) 428-7520
Partner Services CHP Project Developer
Web Site http://www.watersmart.com Exit EPA Disclaimer
WaterSmart Environmental, Inc (WSE) is a multi-product manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment. Its Energy & Power Management Division designs and provides energy management control systems. Both operate on a global basis. The company has recently introduced an innovative waste-to-energy process that will permit municipalities to dispose of far greater quantities of liquid and solid wastes while producing significant quantities of biogas. The biogas can then be converted to electrical energy or further purified and sold as pipeline quality natural gas. Other special processes and products include producing potable water from polluted lakes and rivers, high performance oil/water separators, laundry, car, and truck wastewater treatment and water reuse recycling systems, silica cleaning machines for nuclear power plants, and control systems providing 30% or higher energy reduction for large office buildings, malls and hospitals. The company has long made a practice of providing engineering literature and technical data aimed as much towards general education in the fields of water and wastewater treatment as specific marketing of our products.

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