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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Public Recognition

Vintage of Awards

As of 2004, awards are dated with the calendar year in which they are evaluated and awarded by EPA. That is, most awards are dated with the current calendar year. Because awards recognize contemporary performance, it is required that data submitted with the applications cover periods within the 14 months preceding the application.


EPA awards the ENERGY STAR® CHP Award to leaders who increase the nation's electric generation efficiency through the development of highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) projects.

The ENERGY STAR CHP Award recognizes projects that require at least 10 percent less fuel than state-of-the-art separate heat and power generation.

Additional information and application materials are available on the CHP Awards page.

Communication Opportunities

EPA's CHP Partnership can provide informational assistance to support Partners' outreach efforts to showcase their CHP projects and activities. Please contact the Partnership at chp@epa.gov or (703) 373-8108 to discuss how we might be able to help you.

CHP Partners' Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Partners commit to reporting any CHP-related projects on an annual basis. Any CHP projects completed in the previous calendar year will be included in an Annual Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction sent out to all partners annually. The Annual Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Reduction is a frameable, color certificate that shows the carbon reductions associated with all of the Partners' projects, as well as the equivalent benefits in terms of car emissions avoided. Partners can use this certificate for public relations purposes, to promote the environmental benefits of their work to external stakeholders, or to publicize the benefits of their work in their annual reports or corporate environmental sustainability reports. Report your data here!

CHP Partner Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report

CHP Partners List

EPA's CHP Partnership lists all current Partners on our Web site with information about their companies/organizations, as well as links to their CHP-related Web pages or project-specific case studies (if applicable). Make sure your company information is up-to-date!

CHP Partnership Logo

Partners may include EPA's CHP Partnership logo (shown below) in sales, marketing, and advertising materials. The CHP Partnership logo can help highlight the environmental aspects of your business. The logo is available in a variety of electronic formats but must be used in accordance with EPA's logo use guidelines.

CHP logo

EPA's CHP Partner Certificate

When a new Partner joins the CHP Partnership, it receives a welcome kit with program information, as well as a certificate acknowledging its commitment to CHP and value to the Partnership.

CHP Partner Certificate

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