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Public Meetings to Receive Comments on the Draft Title VI Guidance Documents

During the 60-day comment period following publication of the Draft Title VI Guidance for EPA Assistance Recipients Administering Environmental Permitting Programs ("Draft Recipient Guidance"),  and the Revised Draft Guidance for Investigating Title VI Administrative Complaints Challenging Permits ("Draft Revised Investigation Guidance"), EPA will conduct six public listening sessions in public meetings. The dates, locations and times are as follows:

Date Location/Time(s) Contact
June 26, 2000 Ronald Reagan Building
Polaris Suite
(concourse level)
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC
9 am - 12 noon, and
6 - 9 pm
Mavis Sanders
(202) 564-7272
July 17, 2000 EPA Region 6 office
1445 Ross Ave
12th floor
Dallas, TX
4 - 7 pm
Manisha Patel
(214) 665-2770
July 18, 2000 EPA Region 5 office
77 West Jackson Blvd
Room 331
Chicago, IL
5 - 8 pm
Ann Coyle
(312) 886-2248
August 1, 2000 EPA Region 2 office
290 Broadway
Room 27A
New York, NY
4 - 7 pm
Doug White
(212) 637-5032
August 2, 2000 Carson Community Center
Hall A
801 East Carson Street
Los Angeles, CA
6 - 9 pm
Carla Moore
(415) 744-1938
Joann Asami
(415) 744-1359
August 3, 2000 Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center
10 10th St
Oakland, CA
6 - 9 pm
Carla Moore
(415) 744-1938
Joann Asami
(415) 744-1359
August 9, 2000 EPA Region 3 office
1650 Arch Street
Shenandoah Room (4th floor)
Philadelphia, PA
4 - 7 pm
Dan Isales
(215) 814-2647

Persons wishing to provide oral comments should limit their remarks to five (5) minutes, and must register at the meeting site on the day of the session, beginning 30 minutes in advance.  Written comments of any length will also be accepted at the meeting, or may be sent to EPA. Please include your name and address, and, optionally, your affiliation.

If anyone wishing to attend a session needs special accommodations (i.e., sign language interpreter, alternative text format for materials), please contact Yasmin Yorker at least three business days before the session at (202) 564-7272, or via e-mail at yorker.yasmin@epa.gov.

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