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Nett Technologies, Inc. Retrofit Technologies

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Nett Technologies, Inc.
Verification Letter (PDF)  (2 pp; 510K; October 18, 2010)
Technology Engine
Retrofit Fuel, Max Sulfur (ppm) Reductions (%) †
BlueMAX™ 100 Urea-Based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System Nonroad, 4-cycle, non-EGR diesel engines between 75–370 kW power ranges, originally manufactured from 1996 through 2008 and originally certified without a catalyst to EPA Tier 1, 2, or 3 standards. 15 ppm 0 65 90 85

The following operating criteria must be met in order for appropriately retrofitted engines to achieve the emissions reductions above:

  1. Must be operated on ULSD fuel (15 ppm).
  2. Exhaust temperature data logging will be performed before each installation, and exhaust temperature must be above 250°C for at least 30% of the normal duty cycle. As there may be significant variations from application to application, Nett Technologies will review actual vehicle operating conditions and perform temperature data-logging prior to retrofitting a vehicle with their SCR system to ensure compatibility.
  3. Each installation will be equipped with a monitoring system that displays warning light(s) visible to the operator providing urea tank level and diagnostic information. The monitoring system will also store diagnostic error codes related to urea tank level and system malfunctions.
  4. The vehicle shall not be equipped with a crankcase oil burning system and the engine should be well maintained and not consume lubricating oil at a rate greater than that specified by the engine manufacturer.
  5. The vehicle or equipment is not sold or operated in geographic areas where the urea solution may freeze (-11°C).
  6. To ensure the appropriate urea is purchased and that the engine's urea tank is never empty, the customer is required to maintain urea purchase receipts and refill records and make them available to Nett Technologies upon request. Urea usage log and service log documentation will be collected by Nett Technologies and dealers on a quarterly basis each year.
  7. To ensure that urea is readily available, the system will only be offered to centrally fueled fleets that have or are planning to have urea refilling capability.

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