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What Air Emissions Are Caused by the Electricity I Use?

The table below presents the estimated pounds of air emissions attributable to the electricity you use in your home or business during one year, along with a description of what these numbers mean in everyday terms. It also repeats the earlier chart that compares your region's air emissions rates to the national average.

eGRID Subregion: NPCC New England (which includes the ZIP code: 06877)

Your Annual Emissions

1) What Are My Annual Emissions?

This is an estimate of the pounds of air pollutants caused by the electricity you use in your home or business during one year.

16 pounds of nitrogen oxides

39 pounds of sulfur dioxide

14,672 pounds of carbon dioxide

Note: Your annual emissions include an adjustment for line losses of 9 percent.

What Does this Mean?

2) What Do these Numbers Mean in Real Terms?

To find out what the amount of carbon dioxide emissions listed above means in terms of vehicles driven for a year, gallons of gasoline burned, number of trees planted, or other equivalents, enter your carbon dioxide results from above - 278,624 pounds - into Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Note: Be sure to enter this number on the first entry line of the Calculator, change the units from tons to pounds, then select the "calculate" button.

Emissions Rate Comparison

3) What Are the Emissions in My Area?

This chart compares the average emissions rates (lbs/MWh) in your geographical region to the national average emissions rates (lbs/MWh) for nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide

  Your Region’s Emissions Rate (lbs/MWh) National Average Emissions Rate (lbs/MWh)
Nitrogen Oxide: 1.0 2.1
Sulfur Dioxide 2.4 5.4
Carbon Dioxide 909 1363

What can I do to make a Difference?

Find out how you can make a difference by making your home or business more energy efficient.
Go to:

Learn how you can buy green power (power generated from renewable energy sources) for your home or business.

Note: The information reported above is derived from EPA's eGRID Data Browser for calendar year 2004.

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