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Center for Corporate Climate Leadership

Case Studies

These case studies highlight some of the efforts by partners in the former Climate Leaders Program to reduce their GHG emissions during their participation in the program. Although the program has been phased down, these case studies continue to serve as a useful source of information for organizations looking for practical and innovative ideas to reduce their own GHG emissions.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more. If you need help accessing these PDF documents, please contact the Center.

Please select an option in the list to show only the relevant categories in the table:
Name Industry Project Date
3M Manufacturing 3M's Energy Management Program (PDF) (21 pp, 592K) 12/3/07
3M Manufacturing Managing Energy is Good Business (PDF) (17 pp, 194K) 10/5/04
3M Manufacturing 3M's Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System (PDF) (16 pp, 847K) 10/5/04
Abbott Health Services Going Carbon Neutral with US Sales Vehicle Fleet (PDF) (22 pp, 694K) 12/3/07
ACE Group of Companies Insurance Reducing GHG Emissions: One Ton at a Time (PDF) (16 pp, 385K) 10/6/08
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Semiconductor Creative, Authentic, Cross-Functional Green Communication (PDF) (22 pp, 1.9 MB) 10/7/08
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Semiconductor Partner Case Study: December 2007 Carbon Copy (PDF) (2 pp, 25K) 12/4/07
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Semiconductor AMD's Global Climate Protection Plan 2006 (PDF) (14 pp, 66K) 10/12/06
Alcoa Inc. Aluminum Manufacturing Measuring, Reporting and Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PDF) (31 pp, 501K) 1/13/04
American Electric Power Utilities AEP's Climate Leaders Commitment (PDF) (25 pp, 1.2 MB) 1/18/06
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. Manufacturing Landfill Gas Project (PDF) (23 pp, 1.8 MB) 10/7/08
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. Manufacturing Next Frontier: Supply Chain Carbon Management (PDF) (16 pp, 987K) 12/3/07
Applied Materials, Inc. Semiconductor Solar Panel Installation at Corporate Office Buildings (PDF) (2 pp, 767K) 4/1/09
Applied Materials, Inc. Semiconductor Applied Materials Solar Installations (PDF) (13 pp, 581K) 10/6/08
Ball Corporation Manufacturing Climate Leaders Insights and Experience (PDF) (14 pp, 327K) 1/18/06
Bank of America Corporation Financial Services Climate Leaders Commitment (PDF) (12 pp, 739K) 3/22/07
Baxter International Inc. Health Services Baxter Progress Report (PDF) (14 pp, 798K) 5/5/05
Boise Paper Manufacturing Reducing GHG Emissions in the Pulp & Paper Sector-Manufacturer's Perspective (PDF) (13 pp, 766K) 12/2/09
California Portland Cement Co. Cement Energy and GHG Management (PDF) (20 pp, 704K) 3/22/07
Calpine Utilities Combined Heat and Power (PDF) (13 pp, 353K) 10/6/04
CalPortland Company Cement Leveraging Government Resources at CalPortland Company (PDF) (12 pp, 2.4 MB) 12/3/09
Caterpillar Inc. Manufacturing 2020 Goals for Products, Services, Solutions (PDF) (6 pp, 380K) 10/8/08
Caterpillar, Inc. Manufacturing Caterpillar's Climate Leaders Journey (PDF) (21 pp, 540K) 12/4/07
Center for Resource Solutions Nonprofit Green-e Product Labeling (PDF) (32 pp, 2.1 MB) 1/19/06
CH2M Hill Engineering Designing a High-Quality Inventory Management Plan (PDF) (16 pp, 898K) 1/13/04
Cisco Systems, Inc. Telecommunications Tools for Data Management (PDF) (21 pp, 2.5 MB) 10/6/08
Cummins Inc. Manufacturing A Strategic Imperative for Energy Efficiency (PDF) (30 pp, 790K) 10/7/08
Cummins Inc. Manufacturing Doing More to Use Less -The Education on the Way to Innovation (PDF) (21 pp, 259K) 12/5/07
Dell, Inc. Manufacturing Climate Action: A Lifecycle Approach to Supply Chain Leadership (PDF) (13 pp, 529K) 12/5/07
Dupont Company Chemical Opportunities for Climate Leadership Beyond GHG Management (PDF) (6 pp, 225K) 10/8/08
DuPont Company Chemical Engaging Customers & Suppliers in Climate Strategy (PDF) (15 pp, 606K) 3/22/07
E Source Consulting Promising Technologies for Reducing Carbon Emissions, Cost and Energy Use (PDF) (27 pp, 826K) 1/19/06
Eastman Kodak Company Manufacturing Setting a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target (PDF) (10 pp, 631K) 1/14/04
Eastman Kodak Company Manufacturing Beyond Recycling (PDF) (14 pp, 695K) 5/5/05
EMC Corporation Software Manufacturing Partner Case Study: Spring 2007 Carbon Copy (Forging A Dynamic Inventory Management Plan) (PDF) (3 pp, 19K) 3/22/07
Exelon Corporation Utilities Building an Industry Leading Green Supply Chain (PDF) (8 pp, 638K) 1/19/06
Exelon Corporation Utilities Incorporating Carbon Considerations in Business Decisions (PDF) (9 pp, 59K) 1/19/06
FPL Group, Inc. Utilities FPL Group's Climate Change Approach (PDF) (26 pp, 803K) 12/4/07
Frito-Lay, Inc. Food Services Frito-Lay Greenhouse Gas Reductions thru the EPA Climate Leaders Program (PDF) (29 pp, 3.4 MB) 12/3/07
FXFowle Architects Architectural Services Climate Leaders Small Business Case Study (PDF) (14 pp, 811K) 5/20/10
General Electric Company Manufacturing GHG Data Management Tools (PDF) (29 pp, 2.1 MB) 10/6/08
General Motors Corporation Automotive Demonstrating the Connection Between Effective Energy & Waste Management Practices and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions (PDF) (30 pp, 749K) 1/13/04
General Motors Corporation Automotive A Global Strategy for Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PDF) (28 pp, 689K) 5/6/05
General Motors Corporation Automotive Landfill Gas Direct Use (PDF) (23 pp, 774K) 5/6/05
Green Order Strategy and Marketing Beyond Operations Emissions Reductions (PDF) (16 pp, 587K) 10/8/08
Greenstar North America Waste Management Reducing Emissions Across a Business Value Chain (PDF) (10 pp, 1 MB) 12/2/09
Hasbro, Inc. Manufacturing Meeting Our Goals by Taking the Initiative (PDF) (13 pp, 371K) 1/18/06
HSBC - North America Financial Services Sustainable Development Corporate Real Estate (PDF) (16 pp, 841K) 10/6/08
IBM Corporation Manufacturing Sustainability Matters - Beyond Operational Carbon Reduction (PDF) (9 pp, 272K) 10/8/08
IBM Corporation Manufacturing The Role of Renewable Energy Certificates (PDF) (10 pp, 422K) 1/18/06
IBM Corporation Hardware Manufacturing Energy & GHG Emissions Management (PDF) (21 pp, 1.4 MB) 5/5/05
Institute for Market Transformation NGO The Value Implications of Green (PDF) (25 pp, 478K) 3/14/07
Intel Corporation Semiconductor Partner Progress Report (PDF) (11 pp, 660K) 10/6/08
Intel Corporation Semiconductor Climate Leaders and Green Power Partnership (PDF) (10 pp, 467K) 12/3/09
Interface, Inc. Manufacturing Innovative Strategies to Reduce GHG Emissions from Mobile Sources (PDF) (20 pp, 342K) 1/13/04
Interface, Inc. Manufacturing Landfill Gas (PDF) (14 pp, 481K) 5/6/05
Interface, Inc. Manufacturing Landfill Offset Methodology (PDF) (12 pp, 630K) 1/19/06
International Paper Manufacturing IP's GHG Inventory Management (PDF) (13 pp, 763K) 10/6/04
Johnson & Johnson Health Services Incorporating the Cost of Carbon in Investment Decisions (PDF) (22 pp, 321K) 1/18/06
Johnson & Johnson Health Services Implementing an Inventory Management Plan (PDF) (14 pp, 145K) 1/13/04
Johnson & Johnson Health Services Purchasing Green Power and Renewable Energy Certificates (PDF) (22 pp, 321K) 1/18/06
Johnson Controls, Inc. Manufacturing Financial Mechanisms for Implementing GHG Reduction Projects (PDF) (135 pp, 433K) 12/3/07
Kohl's Department Stores Retail A Sustainable Kohl's (PDF) (25 pp, 720K) 10/7/08
Lockheed Martin Corporation Engineering Lockheed Martin Energy and Climate Energy Efficiency (PDF) (11 pp, 618K) 12/5/07
Mack Trucks, Inc. and Volvo Trucks North America Automotive Partner Interview: December 2007 Carbon Copy (PDF) (3 pp, 17K) 12/4/07
Marriott International, Inc. Hotel Services Marriott's Energy Strategy (PDF) (26 pp, 2.5 MB) 3/22/07
Miller Brewing Company Manufacturing Development of Energy Tracking System (PDF) (27 pp, 709K) 6/10/03
Miller Brewing Company Manufacturing Mid-term Progress Report (PDF) (15 pp, 337K) 5/5/05
Millipore Corporation Pharmaceutical Compressed Air Case Study (PDF) (19 pp, 172K) 10/6/08
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Federal Government Capitalizing on Incentives for On-Site Renewables (PDF) (11 pp, 2.2 MB) 12/5/07
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Federal Government NREL's Progress Toward Meeting its Climate Leaders Goal (PDF) (13 pp, 332K) 5/5/05
Oracle Corporation Software Manufacturing Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (PDF) (30 pp, 465K) 12/3/07
Owens Corning Manufacturing GHG Reduction Strategy (PDF) (13 pp, 713K) 10/7/08
PepsiCo Manufacturing Supplier Sustainability and Resource Conservation Outreach (PDF) (13 pp, 2.4 MB) 10/6/08
PepsiCo Manufacturing Corporate Energy Management (PDF) (14 pp, 550K) 3/22/07
Pfizer Inc. Pharmaceutical Climate Change Program at Pfizer Inc. (PDF) (14 pp, 67K) 10/12/06
Pfizer Inc. Pharmaceutical Increasing Colleague Climate Change Program Awareness (PDF) (13 pp, 161K) 5/5/05
Piper Jaffray Financial Financing New Clean Energy Technologies (PDF) (22 pp, 333K) 10/8/08
Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) Utilities WasteWi$e and GHG Climate Profiling A Partner Perspective of Environmental Impact and Business Value (PDF) (16 pp, 468K) 5/6/05
Quad/Graphics Inc. Printing A Moving Target: Tackling GHGs from Transportation (PDF) (17 pp, 521K) 12/5/07
Raytheon Company Engineering Partner Case Study: Spring 2007 Carbon Copy (Changing Attitudes Toward Energy) (PDF) (3 pp, 19K) 3/22/07
Raytheon Company Engineering The Raytheon Energy Conservation Program (PDF) (29 pp, 1.6 MB) 3/22/07
Raytheon Company Engineering Raytheon's Energy Star Partnership (PDF) (13 pp, 688K) 10/6/04
Roche Group U.S. Affiliates Health Services Roche's Climate Leaders Activities (PDF) (12 pp, 420K) 10/7/08
Roche Group U.S. Affiliates Health Services Partner Case Study: December 2007 Carbon Copy (PDF) (2 pp, 24K) 12/4/07
Roche Group U.S. Affiliates Health Services Sustainable Progress at Roche USA (PDF) (28 pp, 808K) 12/4/07
SC Johnson Manufacturing Setting a GHG Reduction Goal The Second Time Around (PDF) (23 pp, 387K) 3/22/07
SC Johnson Manufacturing Climate Leaders overview (PDF) (17 pp, 5.5 MB) 1/13/04
SC Johnson Manufacturing GHG reduction strategy (PDF) (38 pp, 1.6 MB) 5/5/05
SC Johnson Manufacturing Offsets Methodology for an Example Boiler Project (PDF) (9 pp, 198K) 1/18/06
Schering-Plough Corp. Pharmaceutical Tailored Benchmarking (PDF) (14 pp, 383K) 10/7/08
St. Lawrence Cement Cement Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program at St. Lawrence Cement (PDF) (40 pp, 1.9 MB) 3/23/07
Staples, Inc. Retail Climate Leaders Meeting, March 2007 (PDF) (25 pp, 2.6 MB) 3/23/07
Staples, Inc. Retail Partner Interview: Spring 2007 Carbon Copy (PDF) (4 pp, 21K) 3/22/07
Staples, Inc. Retail Developing an Integrated Renewable Energy Strategy (PDF) (21 pp, 122K) 10/6/04
Staples, Inc. Retail Reducing GHG Emissions in the Pulp and Paper Sector- Customer's Perspective (PDF) (18 pp, 1.6 MB) 12/2/09
Steelcase Inc. Manufacturing Implementing the EPA/DOC Green Suppliers Network at Steelcase (PDF) (20 pp, 821K) 12/3/09
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Software Manufacturing Data Center Efficiency (PDF) (21 pp, 1.2 MB) 12/3/07
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Software Manufacturing Eco Responsibility and Employees (PDF) (13 pp, 667K) 12/3/07
The Inter-American Development Bank Other Managing Business Travel Emissions (PDF) (23 pp, 1.4 MB) 10/6/08
The Tower Companies Real Estate Energy Efficiency in Buildings; Making Sustainability Profitable (PDF) (16 pp, 824K) 10/7/08
Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc. Insurance A Sound Risk Management Approach Creates Business Opportunities (PDF) (24 pp, 859K) 12/5/07
Tyson Foods, Inc. Food Services A Moving Target: Tackling GHGs from Transportation (PDF) (6 pp, 136K) 12/3/07
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Federal Government Financial Mechanisms for Implementing GHG Reduction Projects (PDF) (5 pp, 101K) 12/4/07
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Federal Government Innovations in Implementing Employee GHG Reductions (PDF) (7 pp, 235K) 12/5/07
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Federal Government Ranking the Cost and Carbon Effectiveness of Clean Energy Projects (PDF) (9 pp, 227K) 12/3/09
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Clean Energy Federal Government GHG Accounting for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) (PDF) (11 pp, 263K) 5/5/05
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Climate Leaders Federal Government Climate Leaders Approach to Offsets and Updated Offsets Guidance (PDF) (16 pp, 250K) 10/7/08
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Climate Leaders Federal Government Designing and Evaluating GHG Performance Metrics (PDF) (14 pp, 2.2 MB) 5/6/05
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) LMOP Federal Government An Overview of Landfill Gas Energy in the U.S. (PDF) (27 pp, 1.1 MB) 5/5/05
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Region 5 Federal Government Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PDF) (29 pp, 1 MB) 10/7/08
Unilever Manufacturing Unilever Greenhouse Gas Management (PDF) (16 pp, 1.1 MB) 12/6/07
United Technologies Corporation Manufacturing Building a World Class Energy Management Program (PDF) (19 pp, 654K) 10/7/08
United Technologies Corporation Manufacturing Managing Corporate GHG Challenges (PDF) (17 pp, 881K) 1/18/06
United Technologies Corporation Manufacturing UTC's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Process (PDF) (14 pp, 402K) 1/14/04
United Technologies Corporation Manufacturing Performance, Plans, Programs @ UTC and its Suppliers (PDF) (25 pp, 824K) 10/6/04
United Technologies Corporation Manufacturing Bringing Energy Efficiency and Climate Strategies to Customers and the Supply Chain (PDF) (13 pp, 359K) 3/22/07
World Resources Institute (WRI) Nonprofit Green Power and RECs Accounting (PDF) (11 pp, 90K) 3/22/07
Xerox Corporation Manufacturing Partner Case Study: Fall 2006 Carbon Copy (Energy Efficiency Initiatives for Reaching a 2012 GHG Reduction Goal) (PDF) (3 pp, 20K) 10/12/06
Xerox Corporation Manufacturing Xerox's GHG Reduction Initiative (PDF) (30 pp, 2.1 MB) 10/12/06
Xerox Corporation Manufacturing Xerox's GHG Reduction Initiative (PDF) (24 pp, 780K) 6/2/10

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