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CMM Monthly News

June 2015

New rulings require carbon impacts be included in the approval process of coal mines on federal lands

Focused on coal from federal leases and under a series of rulings by U.S. judges, federal agencies that approve mining projects have been directed to consider coal's indirect environmental impact along with the traditional concerns of mine dust and emissions from mining equipment.
Source: Penn Energy Exit EPA

China will be outpaced by India as top coal importer

Due to falling coal prices and excess of supply, India will surpass China as the world's largest coal importer in 2015.
Source: http://www.worldcoal.com/coal/21052015/India-pass-China-top-coal-importer-2309/ Exit EPA

PA Appeals Court determines CBM belongs to coal owner

Owners of a 790-acre property in western Pennsylvania argued for ownership of the coalbed methane (CBM) gas contained in coal seams below their property, despite the fact the coal had been deeded to Consol Energy Incorporated in 1932. However, the Pennsylvania Superior Court confirmed that Consol's coal rights also include ownership of CBM gas therein.
Source: http://www.law360.com/articles/646703/coalbed-gas-belongs-to-coal-owner-pa-appeals-court-says Exit EPA

Upcoming Events

Asia Clean Energy Forum 2015
15—19 June 2015
Manila, Philippines
Website: http://www.asiacleanenergyforum.org/ Exit EPA

2015 Longwall USA Exhibition & Conference
16—18 June 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.longwallusa.com/index.php?c=2153&w=1 Exit EPA

2015 U.S. Coal Mine Methane Conference in conjunction with 32nd International Pittsburgh Coal Conference
5—8 October 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Carbon Corner

Mexico provides additional detail on mitigation plans for post-2020 emission reductions

Mexico's Environment Minister, Juan José Guerra Abud, spoke about some of the policies the government is working on to meet the country's climate change mitigation goals. Included in these policies is a reduction of 25 percent, to include all leaks, venting, and burning of methane.

Source: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/cherrera/mexico_provides_additional_det.html Exit EPA

China readies national carbon market to fight climate change

Despite approximately 978 million Yuan, or USD$158 million, in carbon emissions trading within China's seven pilot carbon trading schemes, a noticeable dent in carbon emissions is yet to be realized. However, Chinese officials say the pilot markets are meant to serve as an experiment for what may become the world's biggest carbon offset market.

Source: http://newsok.com/china-readies-national-carbon-market-to-fight-climate-change/article/feed/843530 Exit EPA

Year-on-Year Comparison of Average Monthly Prices of Gas, Electricity and Carbon Offsets (ARB):

Chart showing comparison of average monthly prices of gas, electricity  and carbon offsets (ARB)

Sources: Henry Hub Prices*, ARB Offset Prices** Exit EPA, Electricity Prices***

*Henry Hub gas prices are a widely accepted national indicator of gas prices, and therefore chosen for this display.
**ARB Offset Prices shown represent all compliance offset protocols. The Mine Methane Capture protocol was not adopted until April 2014.
***Retail electricity prices displayed are for all sectors covering the entire United States.

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