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Compliance assistance means helping businesses, federal facilities, local governments and tribes meet their environmental regulatory requirements.

Compliance assistance providers help regulated communities and businesses comply with environmental laws through one-to-one counseling, online resource centers, fact sheets, guides and training. Providers include EPA regional office staff; state, local and tribal governments; federal and state small business and pollution prevention technical assistance extension agents, consultants, and trade associations.

Compliance assistance is most effective when used in an integrated strategy combining compliance monitoring (inspections), compliance incentives and auditing (self-disclosure policies) and enforcement.

Who are You?

Find out what laws apply to you, what you need to do to comply, and tools and resources that can help you and your constituents comply with environmental regulations.


Industry and Government Sectors
Specific compliance information for industry and government sectors
Local Government | Automotive | Agriculture | Chemicals | Healthcare | Construction | More…

Statute-specific assistance
Assistance tools for specific statutes or regulations
Clean Air Act | Clean Water Act | Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act | More...

Financing for Environmental Compliance
Financial and technical assistance resources to help communities create a plan to finance environmental capital assets

Compliance Assistance Centers
Provides easy-to-understand compliance information targeted to specific industry and government sectors

Report environmental violations     See EPA Fugitives
Compliance Assistance
Information Resources

Compliance Assistance | Compliance Monitoring | Compliance Incentives


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