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Pollution Prevention

The goal of the Pollution Prevention Act is to stop pollution and waste before itis created. EPA'spollution prevention (P2) program is designed to help get pollutionprevention concepts and principles into the daily operations of governmentagencies, businesses, manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

For information on agencies and organizations that provide pollutionprevention assistance you my also want to review the State Pollution Prevention Programs. The Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC) provides information onreducing or eliminating industrial pollutants through technology transfer,education, and public awareness.

For assistance through grants, the EPA administers Pollution Prevention Grants designed to promote pollution preventionconcepts and practices at the state, tribal and local level. These grantprograms include Pollution Prevention Incentives for States, PollutionPrevention Incentives for Tribes, Environmental Justice through Pollution Prevention, and the PollutionPrevention Resource Exchange (P2RX).

Federal agencies and their facilities play a crucial role in shapingthe direction and focus of our nation's pollution prevention policiesand programs. Pollution Prevention at Federal Facilities is one of the federal government'stop environmental priorities: "...federal facilities will set the exampleand become the leader in applying pollution prevention to daily operations,purchasing decisions and policies. In the process, federal facilitieswill reduce toxic emissions, which helps avoid cleanup costs and promotesclean technologies...Federal participation is key to changing the centralpremise of environmental protection from treatment and disposal to pollutionprevention." Pollution Prevention in the Federal Government: Guide forDeveloping Pollution Prevention Strategies for Executive Order 12856 andBeyond.

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