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Stratospheric Ozone Including Chlorofluorocarbons Compliance Monitoring

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Ozone Depleting Substances include:

Ozone depletion occurs as a result of these substances reaching the upper atmosphere and reacting with sunlight.

Imports and Exports

40 CFR §82.4 bans generally all Class I substances in the U.S. including production and import. There are a few limited exemptions for essential use allowances including medical devices (metered dose inhalers) and aviation safety (solvent in solid rocket motors). Recycled or previously used substances are not banned from importation nor are substances produced for export to various developing countries. Class II substances will begin phase-out in 2003.

Imports of Vehicles, Engines and Equipment provides information on importing vehicles into the United States.

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Both EPA and Customs and Border Patrol officials enforce these regulations via a combination of criminal, civil, and administrative penalties. The CAA provides monetary and injunctive relief for damages for non-compliance, and Customs and Border Patrol enforces false statements, smuggling and the breaking of Customs and Border Patrol seals.

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The latest treaty information, including updates on the Montreal Protocol and the Vienna Protocol can be found on the homepage of the United Nations Ozone Secretariat.

For more information, see the EPA's Ozone Depletion Homepage.

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