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Data Systems

The Air Facility Sub-system (AFS) is a sub-system of Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS). AFS contains compliance data on air pollution point sources regulated by the U.S. EPA and/or state and local air regulatory agencies. Documents related to the data system are available here.

The Permit Compliance System (PCS)is a national information system that contains data which supports the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System(NPDES) program. Documents related to the data system are available here.

Reporting and Results

The accomplishments of the enforcement and compliance assurance programs are reported in a variety of documents listed below.

Annual Results
At the end of each fiscal year, EPA announces the results of compliance assurance and enforcement activities. Annual results of the compliance and enforcement program and highlights of specific accomplishments are available below. Another presentation of the program's results can be found in the compliance assurance and enforcement Accomplishment Reports.

National Public Water Systems Compliance Report
Each year EPA reports about drinking water violations at American's public water system (PWS). Each report summarizes the annual report prepared by each State about drinking water violations at PWSs within its jurisdiction. Each report also discusses the violations at public water systems on Indian reservations; EPA's enforcement and compliance assistance activities with respect to Tribal PWSs; and the financial assistance EPA has provided to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water to Tribes.


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