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Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results FY2008:
Enforcement Highlights

FY2008 Annual Results Topics

EPA’s vigorous Civil Enforcement program concentrates on significant violations of federal environmental laws. Through legal actions and incentives for voluntary compliance, civil enforcement achieves results that keep clean the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. Effective environmental enforcement reduces harmful air pollution and the discharge of raw sewage, and cleans up contamination of the land. Civil settlements may include supplemental environmental projects, voluntary projects that a settling party undertakes in addition to whatever must be done to bring a facility into compliance.

EPA's Criminal Enforcement program investigates and helps to prosecute environmental violations which seriously threaten public health and the environment or involve culpable conduct that may be intentional. Besides the environmental violations, the cases may also have associated U.S. criminal code violations such as conspiracy, false statements, witness tampering, or interfering with a law enforcement investigation. Criminal enforcement sanctions -- which may include incarceration of individuals in addition to monetary fines against individuals, businesses, or corporations represent the enforcement program's strongest sanction and deterrent.

The Fiscal Year 2008 Enforcement Highlights include the following categories:

Air Enforcement Highlights

      Air Civil Highlights

     Air Criminal Highlights

Water Enforcement Highlights

      Water Civil Highlights

     Water Criminal Highlights

Land Enforcement Highlights

      Land Civil Highlights

     Land Criminal Highlights

Cross-Media Enforcement Highlights

      Cross-Media Civil Highlights

     Cross-Media Criminal Highlights



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