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Clean Air Enforcement

Air Enforcement Cases
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EPA is committed to cutting air pollution in communities by enforcing the Clean Air Act.  EPA targets the largest sources of air pollution, including coal-fired power plants, cement plants and the acid and glass sectors.

Air pollution threatens human health and damages the environment.  EPA continues to enforce our nation's environmental laws to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Act nationwide.  While often invisible, pollutants in the air create smog and acid rain and cause cancer or other serious health effects.  The air pollutants addressed by these settlements can cause serious respiratory problems and exacerbate cases of childhood asthma.  As a result of cases concluded in fiscal year 2010, 410 million pounds of pollution will be reduced, eliminated or properly managed. 

The air enforcement annual results provide data and background about EPA’s enforcement actions, both nationally and where you live.  Interactive maps show the facilities where air and multi-media civil and criminal actions were taken.  Readers can view this information nationally, by state and locally, and get information about EPA’s actions where they live, work and play.  

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