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Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results 2011 Fiscal Year

Program Highlights

In fiscal year 2011, EPA concluded 57 enforcement actions against federal agencies, federal corporations and contractors at federal facilities for alleged violations of environmental laws. These actions will reduce, treat, or eliminate an estimated 713 million pounds of pollutants. Violators will pay approximately $9 million in penalties and invest an estimated $5 billion in cleanup and improved operations to comply with environmental laws.

EPA also successfully concluded negotiations for three CERCLA cleanup agreements (also known as Federal Facility Agreements (FFAs)) at United States installations located on the National Priorities List (NPL):

  • Ft. Detrick, Maryland (U.S.Army) - Region 3 also concluded the FFA for the cleanup of the Ft. Detrick with the Army. Given the local community’s concern with the risks associated with many of Ft. Detrick’s historic activities and the serious nature of the contamination, EPA and the Army reached agreement quickly, well before the statute required the agreement. (Read the news release on the Ft. Detrick cleanup agreement.)
  • Air Force Plant #44 in Arizona (U.S. Air Force) - Region 9’s resolve to press the Air Force to meet its legal obligations at this site dates back even before 2007, when the Region issued a Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) imminent and substantial endangerment order to protect the public. The new FFA should finally afford the accountability required for this cleanup. (Read the news release on the Air Force Plan #44 cleanup agreement.)
  • Joint Base Andrews in Maryland (U.S. Air Force) - Region 3 pursued the Air Force for many years to achieve the long overdue FFA for the cleanup of Joint Base Andrews. Like Air Force Plant #44, the effective FFA for Joint Base Andrews will enable EPA to perform its statutory role of ensuring the cleanup is protective of human health and the environment. (Read the news release on the Joint Base Andrews cleanup agreement.)

In three years, from 2008 to 2011, EPA completed 11 of the outstanding FFAs required by CERCLA at Federal facilities on the NPL. Concluding these agreements reduced the number of outstanding, legally required FFAs to three out of a total of approximately 151 FFAs completed since 1988.

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