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ToxPi Resources
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ToxPi (Toxicological Priority Index) is a flexible prioritization support software tool that incorporates ToxCast bioactivity profiles, inferred toxicity pathways, dose estimates and chemical structural descriptors to:

  • Calculate the comprehensive toxicity potential.
  • Provide a visual that represents relative contribution of each data domain to an overall priority score.
  • Show a new weight-of-evidence framework for diverse prioritization related to systematic, cancer, developmental or reproductive toxicity testing.
  • Numerically integrate multiple information domains.
  • Incorporate existing knowledge, prioritization schemes and different types of data.
  • Provide multivariate of toxicity relative to any set of chemicals and transparency in the relative score for each chemical.
  • Customize components for diverse prioritization tasks.
  • Integrate numerically various knowledge sources about chemical specific properties.

A stand-alone, graphical user interface (GUI) implementation of ToxPi is available from: http://comptox.unc.edu/toxpi.php Exit EPA Disclaimer This interactive software was implemented in collaboration with the Carolina Center for Computational Toxicology (EPA STAR grant #RD83382501).

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