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FTP Downloads

Instructions for FTP Download of DSSTox Data and Documentation Files

FTP download option provides easy access to all published DSSTox files from a central FTP location. Large files are offered in compressed, zipped folder format. Most recent file modification dates are provided in the Data File listing.

DSSTox Current Files: ftp://ftp.epa.gov/dsstoxftp/DSSTox_CurrentFiles/ (last updated 19Feb2009)

Zip files may be decompressed using a utility such as JZip. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Elsewhere on this website, direct ftp links to files for download may be provided. This process should be transparent to the user but will facilitate quick and easy file download directly from the dsstox ftp site.

A user can also access most recently archived DSSTox data and documentation files, as well as DSSTox presentations and publications.

DSSTox Archive Folder: ftp://ftp.epa.gov/dsstoxftp/

Please Contact Us if you require files that are no longer posted on this site.

Caution: It is recommended that archived versions be used for reference only. Users should consult the LogFile for the database of interest, available for download from this ftp site or the corresponding SDF Download Page (see, e.g., CPDBAS), for a full history of database modifications.

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