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Computational Toxicology Research Program



Exposure-Based Chemical Prioritization Workshop:
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds Indoor Environment Workshop
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
January 5-7, 2011

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Day 1

Introduction – Chair: Elaine Cohen Huba
Linda Sheldon, EPA, NERL (Welcome)
1. Elaine Francis, EPA, ORD (Opening Plenary:  Safer Products for a Sustainable World: Making faster and smarter decisions)
2. John Little, Virginia Tech (SVOC Workshop 1 and resulting framework)
Characterizing Exposure in the Indoor Environment – Chair: Charles Weschler
3. Thomas Webster, Boston University (Sources emissions and exposure – flame retardants and other SVOCs)
4. Ruthann Rudel, Silent Spring Institute (SVOCs in indoor air, dust, and personal care products)
5. Michael Babich, CPSC (Children’s oral exposure to diisononyl phthalate (DINP) in teethers and soft plastic toys)
Mechanisms and Models along the Source to Dose Continuum – Chair: John Little
6. Yinping Zhang, Tsinghua University (Sources, emissions and transport – phthalates)
7. Natalie von Götz, ETH, Zurich (Migration of SVOCs into food)
8. Matthias Wormuth, Harlan Laboratories (Consumer behavior and use of consumer products)
9. Charles Weschler, UMDNJ, Rutgers and DTU (Dermal sorption of SVOCs)
10. John Wambaugh, EPA, NCCT (Toxicokinetics and virtual liver)
11. John Kissel, University of Washington (Balancing estimated exposures and biomonitoring data)

Day 2

Building a Framework for Screening and Prioritizing – Chair: William Nazaroff
12. Christine Norman, Health Canada (Health Canada’s chemicals management plan)
13. Rosemary Zaleski, ExxonMobil (Research considerations for REACH)
14. Elaine Cohen Hubal, EPA, NCCT (ExpoCastTM: Exposure science for chemical prioritization and toxicity testing)
15. William Nazaroff, UC Berkeley (Uptake to production ratio and rapid exposure assessment)
16. Deborah Bennett, UC Davis  (Using measurement data to validate environmental models)
The Role of LCA and Green Chemistry – Chair: Tom McKone
17. Miriam Diamond, University of Toronto (Safe products:  What we don’t know)
18. Megan Schwarzman, UC Berkeley (Integrating hazard and exposure data (for SVOCs) to inform re-design through green chemistry)
19. Olivier Jolliet and Dingsheng Li, University of Michigan (Integrating indoor exposure and LCA for SVOCs)
20. Tom McKone, UC Berkeley and LBNL (Overview of cumulative SVOC exposure assessments used in LCA and comparative risk analysis)

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