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Notice of Willingness to Participate in Funding Opportunities of Other Federal Agencies

Opportunity to Participate

Researchers within the Computational Toxicology Research Program may be willing and available to participate with an eligible institution to prepare a joint assistance application in response to a Request for Application (RFA) issued by another federal agency.


  1. The awarding agency must have the necessary statutory authority to award a grant or cooperative agreement to EPA before EPA can apply for grant or cooperative agreement funding. Not all agencies have this authority. If the awarding agency does not have statutory authority to award a grant or cooperative agreement to EPA, a NCCT researcher should ask whether the other agency would be willing to fund EPA under an interagency agreement (IAG). A researcher would be required to ascertain that the authority exists before considering a request to participate.
  2. The funding opportunity must relate to the Office of Research and Development's strategic goals and complement NCCT's in-house research. More information on the research focus of the NCCT can be found on this website.
  3. ORD employees may not participate in preparation of an application to be submitted in response to an RFA issued by the EPA.

Eligibility Requirements

Institutions eligible to participate are other federal agencies, U.S. non-profit public and private institutions of higher education, and their directly associated non-profit research entities, or other entities such as state and local governments, Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments, and U.S. territories or possessions. Profit-making organizations are ineligible.

Criteria for Participation

The participating institution must be able to demonstrate the availability of research staff with appropriate scientific credentials, a history of successfully conducting research in the subject area of the RFA, the availability of facilities and related resources necessary to complete the research. In order for federal employees to participate, there must also be an absence of any actual or apparent conflict of interest, as well as an absence of any lack of impartiality, as defined by the Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating with NCCT researchers in preparing a funding application in response to another federal agency's RFA, submit a written request to: Sandra Roberts at Roberts.sandra@epa.gov

The request should identify the sponsoring federal agency, the RFA identifier, indicate in general terms the research project that is anticipated and how NCCT researchers would be expected to collaborate, and date by which EPA should reply. Provide the scientific qualifications required of the NCCT researcher(s); specific individuals may be identified.

Decision to Participate

If the proposed project appears to be complementary of NCCT's in-house research, you may be contacted for more information related to the planned project, the qualifications of your team, and the availability of facilities and other resources. All requests from eligible institutions will be given fair and equal consideration. The NCCT reserves the right to choose to participate with more than one eligible partner in preparing an application in response to a particular RFA. The decision to allow an EPA researcher to participate with a particular eligible institution in the preparation of an application will be made by ORD management and is not subject to dispute.

Further Information

For further information, contact Sandra Roberts at Roberts.sandra@epa.gov

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