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Basic Information

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What is CROMERR?

Key Program Information

The Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR) provides the legal framework for electronic reporting (ER) under all of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) environmental regulations. CROMERR applies to:

(a) regulated entities that submit reports and other documents to EPA under Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations,

(b) states, tribes, and local governments that are authorized to administer EPA programs under Title 40. CROMERR establishes standards for information systems that receive reports and other documents electronically (including email, but excluding disks, CDs, and other magnetic and optical media) that are submitted to satisfy requirements of a program that a state, tribe, or local government is authorized to administer under Title 40.

These standards cover a variety of system functions, such as electronic signature validation. The standards are designed to provide electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as the corresponding paper submittals. Although CROMERR does not subject EPA systems to the standards, EPA has decided that all of its systems will conform to the standards when they operate to receive electronic submittals that are covered by the regulation.

CROMERR also requires that states, tribes, and local governments that wish to continue or begin using ER for their authorized programs must revise or modify those programs to incorporate ER. CROMERR details the process to obtain EPA approval of ER-related revisions or modifications to an authorized program.

Audience-Specific Information

CROMERR Overview for States, Tribes and Local Governments

CROMERR Overview for Direct Reporters

CROMERR Overview for EPA Programs and Regions

Success Stories

U.S. EPA Central Data Exchange CROMERR Success Story (PDF)(2 pp, 306K)

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation CROMERR Success Story (PDF) (2 pp, 504K)

Indiana Department of Environmental Management CROMERR Success Story (PDF) (1 pg, 506K)

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality CROMERR Success Story (PDF) (1 pg, 46K)

North Dakota Department of Health CROMERR Success Story (PDF) (2 pp, 504K)

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality CROMERR Success Story 1 (PDF) (1 pg, 500K)

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality CROMERR Success Story 2 (PDF) (1 pg, 506K)

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