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EPA Smart Growth Grants from 2011 RFPs

On August 30, 2011, EPA awarded cooperative agreements to four organizations to create and deliver technical assistance programs to local and tribal governments facing land use and development challenges. These awards were made in response to a competitive request for proposals (RFP) titled "Technical Assistance to Build More Sustainable Communities" (EPA-OP-OSC-11-01). Submissions to this RFP were due March 31, 2011.

Please see the Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities page for more information on how to apply for technical assistance.

Cascade Land Conservancy (Forterra) Cooperative Agreement for Building Sustainable Communities: Advancing Smart Growth Tools at the Local Level

The Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC) will work with a consortium of smart growth organizations to provide technical assistance to 80 to 140 local and tribal governments across the United States. The assistance will focus on increasing community capacity to implement development practices that protect the environment, improve public health, and enhance overall quality of life. At the project's end, CLC will create a summary of best practices that communities can use to implement sustainable development approaches.

Please note that CLC changed its name to Forterra in November 2011.

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Global Green USA Cooperative Agreement for Defining Action to Enable Sustainable Development: The LEED-ND Assessment Tool

Global Green USA will help competitively selected communities evaluate proposed development projects using its assessment tool. The tool is based on LEED-ND, a cutting-edge certification system that uses objective criteria to determine how sustainable a neighborhood-scale development is.

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Project for Public Spaces Cooperative Agreement for Community Capacity Building for Smart Growth and Sustainable Change

Project for Public Spaces will convene a consortium of partner organizations, the Partnership for Livable Transportation Solutions (renamed the Livability Solutions Coalition), to provide direct assistance to communities seeking to achieve smart growth and sustainability goals. Project for Public Spaces and its consortium partners will work together to competitively select communities from across the United States that need assistance with smart growth and sustainable planning. The consortium will offer a wide variety of technical assistance options to the selected communities.

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Smart Growth America Cooperative Agreement for Technical Assistance Program to Build More Sustainable Communities

Smart Growth America will provide technical assistance to competitively selected communities across the United States. This assistance will help communities use field-tested tools to identify and adopt smart growth implementation strategies tailored to local needs.

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