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About the Nail Salons Project

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Did You Know...?

According to NAILS Magazine, Vietnamese-born Americans as well as recent immigrants have significantly impacted the nail care industry, helping to expand the number of nail salons and practitioners by 374 percent and 327 percent respectively in the last 10 years.

The Nail Care Project began in 2001 in Houston, Texas. A large number of nail shops in the Houston area are owned by Asian-Americans that also employ technicians for which English is not their primary language. The goal of this project is to collect and provide information on engineering controls, personal protective equipment, and management practices that can reduce or minimize risks associated with chemical exposures in nail care activities. As a result of this effort, the project has identified many incentives to overcome barriers to the implementation of cleaner and safer practices and has produced outreach products to help educate nail care stakeholders. As the project continues to progress, EPA plans to bring the program into more cities across the United States. The best practices manual has been developed in English and is also being translated into Vietnamese and Korean.

For more information about Nail Salon Project, contact DfE.

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